4X Pip Snager System

Have you ever bought trade after trade all the way down? Then after you finished trading you asked yourself… why was I buying, it was in a down trend? If you have, don’t feel bad… we’ve all done it…

     The reason why traders lose most of the time is because they’re buyingwhen they should be selling, or they’re selling when they should bebuying. The fact is – most traders want to trade against the
trend –
resulting in loss, after loss, after loss!!!

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New Science Of Forex Trading – A System by Toshko Raychev

It Is Being Called The First Real Breakthrough In Trading Forex In The Last 20 Years… It Makes Money So Fast And Easily That It Has Gotten The Undivided Attention Of The Entire Trading World…

All we know for sure is that a system this accurate and profitable couldn’t come at a better time for struggling traders.

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Fratelli intraday trading system

Fratelli Forex Strategy Explain:
The gray zone is the time zone that we are going to trade. Basically it is the time between 07:00 GMT and 16:30 GMT. This acts as a filter to protect us from thin market hours and possible whipsaws.
Green candles indicate bullish outlook and red candles indicate bearish outlook.
The line (black and white) is moving average.
BB MACD is our last indicator to confirm that we are on the right track.fratelli-intraday-trading-system-rules

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Wolfwave Indicators


Wolfe Waves are a favorite pattern that I follow, but don’t necessarily trade…you should just be aware of how often they occur in every market, time and again.

You can see from almost any timeframe this 5 wave pattern. It’s the market’s way of transitioning from periods of low volatility to high by expanding the range above and below the market in distinct legs.

Linda Rashke does talk about this pattern in the book “Street Smarts”..

It can be traded, but I haven’t really done that much trading off of these patterns.

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